Money, house prices 

It's amazing how good news for the many can be a horror scenario for the few (who then get echoed by NewsCorp, because they don't care about people who are not rich, influential, or conservative):

“This could mean Sydney’s median house price would fall from its 2022 peak of $1.41 million to just $796,650”

😱 OMG slightly less unaffordable housing 😱

COVID-19, media criticism 

Somehow the media appears to have lost all interest in accurately reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic and putting it in perspective, which is concerning.

A lot of updates are not being widely publicized anymore these days. No mention of rising case numbers right now or the fact that, once again, hospitals are starting to get overloaded in some regions. Enough people are currently seriously ill with COVID-19 that surgeries and other procedures are being deferred to make space for patients. You don't see much about that in the press.

A couple of people still die every day from COVID-19 ( Were you aware of that? It wouldn't seem like that's the case. Did you know that every day, people become disabled for an unknown amount of time, possibly for life, with what we called Long COVID or ME/CFS ( We don't even really know how many, estimates range between 15% and 50% of cases ( And others “just” lose part of their lung capacity, possibly permanently (, or their cognitive abilities (

And even masking and vaccination does not protect people from these consequences. Some people have even contracted COVID-19 despite being vaccinated and wearing FFP2, FFP3 or N95 masks. And some percentage of vaccinated people get Long COVID anyway (

These things are mentioned in medical journals, but not really widely pushed in commonly consumed news sources. Some articles show up here and there, but there is no attempt being made to make them headline news or anything, probably because people are sick of hearing about COVID-19, so it doesn't sell.

The narrative is that the pandemic and its impact is over, and that we can go back to normal. But things are not normal yet, and every day some people are paying the price for that.

geopolitics, Russia, hate speech 

Read up on the Putin speech… it's a big oof.

The speech wreaks of whataboutism; it condemns colonialism while blessing Russian colonialism because the people being colonialized are declared to be Russian already.

It's full of hate for trans folks and homo- and bisexual people. It's clearly trying to appeal to the conservatives and right-wingers of the world. Conspiracy theories are being brought up because they unite the right. And clearly he wants to bring the right in European countries into his line (to the extent that they aren't already), since he knows the European governments are very receptive to political pressure from those groups, as they demonstrated in the 2015 war in Syria and the handling and treatment of the refugees that were displaced by said war.

At the same time he's basically announcing his intent to annex large parts of Eastern Europe as part of what he calls “New Russia”. The Carpatian Mountains, for example, are in the middle of Romania.

So no, this is not going to be over if we let Putin have Ukraine. It will only be the beginning. The only thing we can do is to support Ukraine in fighting off the imperialists like Ireland has fought off the British imperialists back in the day. And at the same time we have to be good and accepting to all the people fleeing Russia because of its politics, and because they do not want to participate in this pointless, reckless war.

Stand strong against the oppressor, but be loving towards your peers, wherever they may come from.

COVID-19, vaccination 

The Swiss media are reporting that despite a (very soft) recommendation of getting a second booster shot, not many people 80 years and over are getting their booster shot.

I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that Switzerland is many months behind the trend here, and how many people have been getting their booster abroad already like I did?

What attachment style best characterizes your relationships?


Greenpeace wants a donation from my deadname. 🤔


There are no people fascists like, just the ones they haven't gotten around to hating yet.

food? idk 

The angriest condiment is probably the vinegrr

When will lock manufacturers ever learn not to use the word “unpickable” for anything?

Russian politics 

I guess if things continue down this road, then for the 1-year anniversary of the invasion, to get an idea of what life is like in Russia under sanctions, they will have to interview tumbleweed

IT security, ecommerce / internet shopping 

Ugh, why are ecommerce sites so bad?

I just wanted to order something from a small Swiss web shop. When I tried to go through their ordering process, the redirect back from PayPal (haha, I'm not giving that site my credit card number) opened an ad that hijacked your session and redirected to a page that pretended to be a captcha requiring you to enable notifications. Once you enable notifications, they push you notifications about paid porn site contents…

I also like the deferential nature of their sticker. “Please no advertisement uwu if it's not too inconvenient sry”

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The building management company has removed my mailbox sticker reading “No advertisement, free newspapers, and info material” and replaced it with a “No advertisement please” sticker to “retain the uniform looks of the mailboxes”. Thank you so much… I now get a lot of free unwanted newspapers and info material \o/

mental health, maybe hyperbole? 

“What do you do for *yourself*, when you have some time to do whatever you want?”


“But other than that?”

“Stare into the distance?”

technology, politics, energy crisis 

making the ARM options sound really good there

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