tech, nonsense, maybe body horror? 

NAS (nasally attached storage)

Bad German → English translation 

„Baustelle. Bei Unfällen wird jede Haftung abgelehnt.“

“Construction site. In case of accidents, all friction will be refused.”

I just entered paypla into my browser and a Klingon jumped out and asked me where to bring the money

Twitch still didn't get that I use it differently from how it expects me to. I am not interested in content from specific games, but specific streamers, so please stop it with the “You are missing out on the latest Valorant streams!” already

climate catastrophe 

The Swiss river that ran dry a few weeks ago is now flooding:

My singing chases all the Lunas off the yard 😔

🎵 all the things I could do if unlimited data SIMs weren't so expensive 🎵

shite car people say 

Dude who just pulled up at the charger next to me just said to the person he has on the phone: “People who are doing only 120-130 kph (75-80 mph) should be charged with recklessly endangering traffic when they use the left lane on the motorway. It's just dangerous for them to be this slow when I'm coming up behind them with 200 kph (125 mph).”

Yeah right. The slower driver is the reckless one.

German Italian play on words 

Bellitalia 🐶

Food, dogs 

Dog: “Hey, what's that? Do I smell food? You seem to be eating?”

Me: “You wouldn't eat this anyway, it's not the kind of stuff you like.”

Dog: “How dare you suggest that there is ANYTHING I would not eat? You are eating it, so I would love to eat it too I'm absolutely certain!”

Me: “Okay, have at it, here's a piece of it.”

Dog: *homph* “Urgh. Yeah, no, I'm not eating that.”

Political activism, US politics, reproductive rights, Roe v Wade, marginalization 

We all shouldn't have to fight for our basic rights and dignity, yet here we are.

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Political activism, US politics, reproductive rights, Roe v Wade, marginalization 

It feels a bit odd to get push-back for stating that the only thing that can help right now to get reproductive rights back is protest and activism.

The argument usually goes like this: “I did all this work in the past, and I am exhausted. How dare you ask me to advocate for my own rights when I should not have them taken away from me in the first place?”

I can certainly understand the sentiment. But I'm afraid a central part of being marginalized is that nobody asks whether we deserve better, or whether we want to fight for our rights. We just don't have a choice, we were never asked. But if we don't advocate for ourselves, noone will.

Ever since I was born I knew nothing else than to fight for my rights and my existence. I never had a say in that. But the worst I would tell anyone who told me I need to stand up for myself is “Yeah, I know”

I guess not knowing what that's like is privilege. And I'm sorry that you lost that, you really shouldn't have. But it's not my fault and I am the wrong person to air that grievance on. Other than that, welcome to the club I guess?

mh meta 

Consider this: what are the chances that you are setting yourself an impossibly high bar and then scolding yourself for not passing it?

I feel like some people in my timeline should be asking themselves this question.

Windows is an invention by the Microsoft® industry to ridicule more people

Imaginary transmisic conversation 

Me: “I am a woman!”

Them: “But what are you biologically?”

Me: “Well, I'm a woman?”

Them: “What do your genes say though?”

Me: “I wear women jeans. See? Tiny pockets.”

Them: “Your genetic code, not your pants.”

Me: “Last time I had someone look at my genetic code they told me the ‘sample’ looked closer to a tree than a human so…”

German, Geschlechterdiskussion 

„Biologisches Geschlecht“ ist ungefähr so sinnvoll wie „biologische Pronomen“ im Großen und Ganzen.

This is why it's problematic to write reviews for products… if you have anything bad to say you have to face the haters.

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I'm quite happy with my Apple Watch Series 2 and I was quite happy with my Pebble back in the day, and the Fitbit was ok, but now that I criticized their favorite smart watch they recommend I buy an analog watch because I am “evidently over strained with owning a smart watch”

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My electronics seller requested that I review the smartwatch I tested for a day last week, and now I am getting insults for my review because I said that it's bad that the smartwatch doesn't have any apps, and that it doesn't keep displaying the time when a notification comes in or music is playing. What's so hard about adding a little clock somewhere on screen while this is going on?!

Haben anderen Autisten*Innen evtl. Empfehlungen bzgl. Sonnencreme/spray/whatever die kein sensorischer Albtraum sind?
Mindest LSF 30, besser sogar 50, weil mein Hautton ist Alpinaweiß...

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